‘Red Tails’ lacking in crucial back story

The movie “Red Tails” is an exciting movie with many different ups and down, literally. Unfortunately, the director of this film, Anthony Hemingway, left out crucial details that would have taken this movie to a different level.

“Red Tails” is based off the true story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American fighter pilot group during World War II.

At the time, there were still racial conflicts in America and especially in the military. Unfortunately, the viewer does not get a proper visual of this rampant racism.

There were only two occasions where moveigoers see the Tuskegee Airmen really confront racism head on. It’s mentioned often that no one believes in them because of their color but the movie never shows the struggle an aspiring African-American pilot had to go through to even pass the flying test.

Furthermore, “Red Tails” missed a key opportunity to really grab the audience in the beginning by showing the background.

How did they start the Tuskegee training program? What did African-American pilots have to go through to pass the flying test?

None of these questions were remotely answered.

The movie throws you right into the air battle against the Germans or “Jerrys” as the Tuskegee airmen constantly called them.

It seems like a movie you would have to walk into already knowing some background about the story.

The area where “Red Tails” really excels is in the action in the air. There are many great visuals of planes from many different angles. Filmmakers used outstanding visual effects to convey how much the pilots maneuver in the air.

The casting of the movie might have been the biggest drawing point.

They chose many different actors who are at different stages of their career. The cast included Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard, Ne-Yo and Tristan Wilds.

Don’t get me wrong. “Red Tails” is a good movie with great actors but there is definitely a lot to be desired.

Hemingway should have taken the time to introduce the background and dive into the racial problems the airmen experienced.

Rating: B-

—Brandon Willis

Sports Writer

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