Profs deserve respect from students

To the Editor:

Professors are here to teach us, they care about their chosen profession, and they have earned the right to be treated with honor and respect.

They have been students themselves and have had to deal with term papers, essays, higher math, all the same subjects we do.

This is an institution of higher learning, a place where adults should walk the halls.


As students we need to be aware of how our behavior and speech is seen and heard.

The uses of foul language, especially the “F-bomb” is a word that should be reserved for only abhorrent occasions, sailor speak etc. This word should never be used when speaking with a professor, and equally when speaking to a fellow student.

Foul language is not only disrespectful, but also in using it, you become disrespected by your fellow students. A potty mouth is a foul thing!

Lest you think me extremely old-fashioned, why not think about reserving your “F-bombs” for occasional usage. Common usage only makes it a common word with no value attached to it.

Or better yet, try to find another more acceptable word to use.


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