Professor says guns on campus would compromise safety

March 10, 2011 Letters to the Editor Print Print

To the editor:

I saw a truck covered with right-wing stickers. Next to the NRA sticker was one proclaiming, “GOD BLESS JOHN WAYNE!”

Although the sticker didn’t elaborate, I suspect someone loves the Duke for ‘wading on in’ with guns blazing, rescuing the innocent and dispatching the guilty. Unfortunately, the gunplay in films bears little relation to reality.

The armed citizen is, and always has been, more likely to shoot himself or a passer-by than to prevent crime. Yet, certain Oklahoma state legislators persist in pushing bills that would allow civilians to carry firearms on college campuses.

Presumably, campus shootings would be less likely if people on campuses had more guns. This is absurd. As someone who has faced a pistol, I can tell you that (1) a crazy man is rarely deterred by the possibility that you might have a gun and (2) by the time the crazy man shows his gun, it’s too late to draw yours.

Here’s a thought: why don’t legislators encourage citizens to carry firearms into government buildings?

The truth is that campus gun bills represent nothing more than political pandering to right-wing constituents and gun lobbyists. Safety is not a consideration, and, if one of the bills should pass, your safety on campus will be compromised.

Discourage this John Wayne nonsense by writing or calling your state legislators. Tell them you don’t want guns on campus!

Don’t forget to mention that you vote.

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