Online tutoring offered through campus labs

Echo 2 logoEcho 2.0 online tutoring is a convenient alternative for students looking to receive one-on-one help from the Communications Lab without having to trek all the way to the college.

Communications Lab Supervisor and Echo 2.0 Supervisor Nicholas Webb said although the service is geared more toward online students, any student can use it.

“It’s more for online students who don’t necessarily have to be at the campus, so they can do it on their own time in the comfort of their own home, maybe,” he said.

The service is like attending a traditional class, Webb said, in that you have to make a reservation and show up on time.

Signing up for an Echo tutoring session is simple, he said.

Webb said an electronic form is available on the Communication Lab website that allows students to make reservations.

He said the form has options for students to upload their papers and list any major concerns they have about their writing.

According to the site, “To use ECHO 2.0, you will need a chat/instant messaging program. ECHO 2.0 encourages the use of Skype. Skype is free but does require the creation of an account.”

Webb said he hopes the idea will catch on better than it has on the past.

He said, despite the novelty of the idea, the number of students requesting online tutoring and Skype tutoring through Echo 2.0, remain low.

“About a quarter of all those that we tutored last semester were online, and that also includes our service through email,” he said.

“I can remember only several instances, probably less than 10, that people actually made an appointment and used the service.”

For more information about Echo 2.0 and tutor availability, visit, or call 405-682-1611, ext. 7379.

Students can contact Webb at 405-682-1611 ext. 7678, or at


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