OCCC offers free online tutoring

OCCC has many resources students can use to assist them with their classes, such as tutoring in the various learning labs, the library and Student Support Services.

Yet, there seems to be one resource students tend to overlook— online tutoring offered by Grade Results. Online tutoring offers assistance in a wide range of classes, said Glenne Whisenhunt, Center for Learning and Teaching director.

“They can do accounting, economics, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, physics, algebra,” Whisenhunt said. “I mean, there’s a long list on our website.”

She said Grade Results also offers help with essay writing, algebra, bilingual math, statistics, geometry and other various math courses ranging from basic to calculus.

Although help for all of the courses is offered, some of the courses are offered only at certain times, Whisenhunt said. Accounting and Economics are offered only from from 8 to 11 a.m. and from 3 to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. Bilingual math is offered only by appointment. Chemistry,anatomy, and physiology and physics are offered from 8:30 a.m. until 10:30 p.m.

Whisenhunt said the rest of the courses are offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“They have a structure here in such a way that people are available 24 hours a day, or have resources available 24 hours a day,” she said.

Having tutoring available all hours of the day and night can be beneficial to all students, but especially to online students, Whisenhunt said.

She said Grade Results allows online students to get help without traveling to the college’s campus.

President Paul Sechrist said the program works especially well for electronically-minded students.

“If you’re a student who likes to go to the computer and get tutoring online, it works beautifully … ,” Sechrist said.

“In general, any tutoring [students] find that fits their schedule or learning style has the potential to be beneficial.”

Whisenhunt said online students who find themselves in need of help with no way to get it, can turn to Grade Results.

“Sometimes our online students in particular find themselves kind of isolated and so this is a resource that will allow them to have the support they need and want,” she said.

Whisenhunt said she has nothing but praise for OCCC learning labs and their staff.

However, she said, those people have to go home at some point which is when Grade Results takes over.

“Our labs do a fantastic job of supporting students both online and on campus, but even the people who do a fantastic job in our labs, need to sleep,” Whisenhunt said.

She said students do not need to worry about signing up for the free service.

“They’re already set up in the system. We automatically send Grade Results a database for everybody who is enrolled in OCCC classes.”

To log in, students can go to the Online Tutoring page at www.occc.edu/onlineresources/graderesults, and log in with their first name, last name and birthday. The password is listed on the page.

Students are given two hours of tutoring to start, Whisenhunt said. If additional time is needed, students need to contact Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Greg Gardner by email at gregory.l.gardner@occc.edu.

All students can use any time at their convenience, Whisenhunt said, and she encourages them do so.

“It’s a great resource. It’s there for them to use free of charge.”

OCCC pays $42,000 a year for the service.

For more information, about online tutoring, visit www.occc.edu/onlineresources/graderesults or contact Whisenhunt at 405-682-1611, ext. 7413, or by email at gwhisenhunt@occc.edu.

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