Madd lyricist continues powerful flow

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Tongue-twisting, endless-flow-of-the-color-red sporting, clown-make-up wearing, crazy-as-hell-so-and-so, Tech N9ne is definitely keeping up with his reputation of being a “madd lyricist” on his latest CD “All 6’s and 7’s.”

Track two “Technicians” starts out with classic Tech N9ne which is a good thing. He lets listeners know that although he’s evolved, he is still Tech N9ne.

Tech seemed to have picked the right artists, B.O.B. & Hopsin, for this great collaboration for track four “Am I a Psycho?” This song is sure to be a favorite among Tech N9ne fans, especially those who struggle with trying to figure out, mentally, who they are and where they belong.

For those who are unaware, Tech N9ne’s lyrics are often filled with his self doubt and of him questioning his mental stability.


His is aware that he may be a bit unstable which is probably why he is so popular among young people.

Tech N9ne is the artist who definitely put Kansas City on the hip-hop map.

Track five “He’s a Mental Giant” is vintage Tech N9ne without being considered a rewind of his former music.

Mr. N9ne definitely called the best of the best to collaborate on track six, “World Wide Choppers.”

He seemed to have had these particular artists in mind for this certified head banger.

Tech is assisted by Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, D-Loc, Twista, Twisted Insane Uso, JL B. Hood and Ceza.

All deliver powerful, quickly-spitted, deep verses that combine well with the flow of this song.

The rest of the songs on this CD have great beats and more-than-great lyrics.

This is one of Tech N9ne’s best CDs and could probably be the best next to his album “Everready” from 2006.

For those of your who prefer to actually pay for your CDs, this one is well worth the money.

Rating: A+

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