Last dates to withdraw from fall classes near

As the last dates to withdraw from fall semester classes near, Assistant Registrar Megan Hornbeek cautions students to seek professional advice before doing so.

“Students drop classes for multiple reasons — personal and family emergencies, medical conditions, or not passing a class,” Hornbeek said. “Due to the new Financial Aid policies, I would recommend that students speak with Academic Advising and Financial Aid when considering withdrawing from classes.”

The last day to drop a Fall 2012 16-week class without a refund is Nov. 9, while the last day to drop a Fall 2012 late 8-week class without a refund is Nov. 30.


Psychology major Austin Conway said Hornbeek is offering sound advice which he has used.

“It was a crazy semester for me at the time and I thought about dropping a class. Then I spoke with an adviser and she was really helpful and non-judgmental,” Conway said.

“I went ahead and dropped the class but I received some informative ideas that would help me in the future regarding withdrawing … or not.”

Hornbeek said students should also keep in mind that any classes they withdraw from don’t just disappear.

“When a student withdraws during the withdrawal period, a W is posted on a student’s transcript. So, yes, a withdraw does show up on a transcript,” Hornbeek said.

Conway said she believes in some situations, a W on a transcript is worth it.

“I would rather have the W then a D or an F [that would] drop my GPA,”Conway said.

For more information about withdrawing, visit Academic Advising, located on the first floor of the Main Building, or call 405-682-7535.

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