Intersession classes great for quick credits

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While summer classes may be drawing near the end, some students are gearing up for fall classes, particularly intersession.

Starting July 30, intersession classes give students the opportunity to complete a class in just two weeks.

Intersession classes are a great way to knock out credits in a short time frame.

History professor Jeff Carlisle said students taking intersession must be prepared for a quick-paced, heavy load of work since the same amount of material being covered in a normal 16-week semester is being condensed into two weeks.

“For students who can absorb information quickly, intersession classes are great,” Carlisle said.

“For those who need time to mull over information and reflect upon it, a long session class might be more to their taste.”

Some of the classes being offered as intersession this semester include English Comp II, History since the Civil War and American Federal Government.

Classes are usually held Monday through Friday for the entire two-week period and last around four and a half hours per day.

Diet and exercise major Ashley Ho, who took history during an intersession, said taking the class helped her get ahead.

If you are dreading taking a subject or just want to get it out of the way fast, this is definitely the way to do it,” Ho said. “It’s a lot of hard work and time consuming but at the end of it, you will feel accomplished.”

According to OCCC’s student success reports published for the Fall 2011 semester, intersession classes at both the 1000- and 2000-level were highest in success rates out of all the lengths of classes offered. Fast-Track classes followed close behind.

Business major Corey Johnson said taking intersession helped him get his last credit before transferring.

“I got my last basic credit out of the way through intersession so I wouldn’t have to spend an extra semester here,” Johnson said. “It’s an intense two weeks but totally worth it and definitely doable.”

For a complete list of intersession classes being offered for fall, view the college’s class schedule at or for more information, contact Recruitment and Admissions at 405-682-7580. To enroll, log in to MineOnline or visit Academic Advising.

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