Fun, games focus of Gamer Guild

There is a group of students who sit at a specific table Monday through Thursday in the cafeteria called The Gamer Guild.

The Gamer Guild is a club made up of students who represent themselves as people who love to play games — gamers.

The games may vary, but most of the group members have a laptop or a Nintendo DS, which could allow a wide variety of games.

Other games include Magic: The Gathering, which is a popular card game.

Math major Jeremy McKinley, a gaming enthusiast, is the club’s president.

McKinley has been president for two semesters and is also the TLC representative for the club.

McKinley said he aims for the club to focus on being active in student life and just simply have fun playing games together.

“I try to make sure that they obey the school rules and that we stay active within student life,” he said.

“I like the club to do whatever the club wants to do, which right now is to just hang out and have fun.”

Though the club is not sure of how many members it has, the Gamer Guild is always open to new members.

The number of members varies from semester to semester, McKinley said.

“… It’s easy to join the club,” he said.

“Just come sit at our table and enjoy some games with us. It’s just that easy.”

The club plans to host a tournament.

Though the date has not been determined, it will be toward the end of the semester, McKinley said.

The tournament will be a League of Legends tournament, which is a popular online multiplayer free-to-play computer video game.

The tournament will have an entry fee of $5 per person, which is $25 per team.

“All entry fee money will be donated to United Way charity and we’re planning on occupying one of the College Union rooms for the tournament, which is where we plan on having other events as well,” he said. “The other events we’re planning on having aren’t yet confirmed, so we have to decide on an event before we announce them.”

For more information, contact, or find the group in the corner of the cafeteria, right next to the exit toward the Main Building area Monday through Thursday.

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