Biology Lab behind the times

To the Editor:

I find it astounding and disappointing that in this day and age a person has to physically sign-up for an appointment in the Biology Lab.

OCCC has numerous electronic systems in place: student/adjunct email, MineOnline, and Angel/Moodle. I can apply for financial aid, register for or drop classes, get tutoring, make payments, do homework, Skype with the Comm Lab, and take tests online. However, I have to walk into the Bio Lab to get a lab time. I cannot even get a time by phone.

I forgot to make my appointment last night when I was at class and hoped to make a phone appointment today but was denied. I work three jobs, have a family, and am taking 13 hours. Making a special trip to OCCC is out of the question and even arriving early enough before a class to make a lab reservation is sometimes hard to do.

Can the Biology Lab move to the 21st century and allow a means to sign up for a lab time without being physically present? If not, why not?

—Randy Burghart

OCCC Student


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