Billionaire vendetta makes for quality entertainment

Luckily I’m blessed to still live with my parents, and they still don’t mind me living off them. One of the greatest perks of living with them still is premium channels. I feel like I live a life of luxury with HBO, Starz, and Showtime.

Showtime for me has made some fantastic programming like “Ray Donovan,” “Californiaction,” “Weeds” and “House of Lies.” Billions is the next big thing for the big time network of Showtime.

billionsBobby Axelrod, played by Damian Lewis, is an investment banker that makes huge trades at a crucial time in America, making his company “Axe Capital” the largest publicly traded investment firm Axelrod is the guy who came from nothing and is not going back to having nothing, regardless of what that might take.

The man trying to stop that from happening is Paul Giamatti’s character, Chuck Rhoades. Rhoades is the U.S. attorney who has a vendetta against Axelrod, just because he can.

The feud between the two doesn’t end just there either. Rhoades’ wife, Wendy, works for Axelrod as the therapist that helps the traders for Axe be great at making money. Wendy and Chuck have a good relationship, but at times Chuck’s vendetta against Axe puts tension on the marriage throughout the season.

Rhoades tries to find a reason at every turn to inconvenience Axe or a member of his team. Chuck tries to turn people against Axe, attempts to bug the office of Axe Capital, and fine Axe as much as he possibly can just to discourage Axe. Nothing Chuck Rhoades can do will even slightly discourage Axe, but at times Axe does take precautions.

Axe makes it very clear to any member of his team that turning on him is the worst possible thing you can do.  And if you stick with Axe, you’ll be taken care of in any and every way possible, whether it’s money, another job, or whatever it may be that his team member or family of that team member needs. Axe proves he will either take care of you, or ruin you multiple times throughout this premier season.

If you have had interest in any series Showtime has produced, you will like this one. Personally, I know nothing about Wall Street and being a big time stock trader, but I enjoy Billions immensely. Billions is intense, interesting, and an upcoming superstar of the Showtime network.

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