Zumba classes offered day, night

Campus Recreation offers group fitness classes for OCCC students and certified instructor Ritchel Schultz said the Zumba classes she teaches are an easy and exciting way to stay fit.

Zumba, a Latin-based fitness phenomenon, is a total-body workout, she said.

Schultz said faculty members can attend Zumba for free and students can participate for a small fee.

She said students can either purchase a $35 group fitness pass from the Recreation desk located on the first floor of the Main Building to attend the entire semester or they can pay a $5 fee for an individual class.

Schultz teaches Zumba classes from noon to 12:55 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and from 6:30 to 7:25 p.m. on Tuesday night.

“There’s nobody really around [in the evenings],” said Schultz. “I’d say the daytime classes have more participants.”

Schultz said the classes are high energy.

“It’s all cardio,” she said. “We incorporate some toning … but it’s basically all cardio.”

“If you’re accustomed to [Latin] music, and a lot of drums and different beats, you get drawn to it.

“If you’re not open to that kind of music — if all you listen to is country — you won’t get it.”

Schultz said Zumba implements intervals of both high- and low-intensity movements.

She said participants spend the entire time moving on their feet.

“A lot of these moves are just your basic marching [and] lateral movements,” she said. “Then we add the hips.”

Schultz said attending Zumba class not only has health benefits but is a great way to socialize.

Those who have never tried Zumba should be open-minded about the dance movements and Latin music, she said.

Schultz said faculty members make up the majority of her classes.

However, she said, she hopes to generate more interest from students this semester.

For more information about Zumba classes, visit www.occc.edu/rf/wellness-classes.html#zumba.

For more information about purchasing a group fitness pass or any of the other fitness classes provided by OCCC, call 405-682-7860 or visit www.occc.edu/rf.

To contact Siali Siaosi, email seniorwriter@occc.edu.

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