YouTube full of useful videos

April 4, 2013 Blogs, Former Pioneer Staff Print Print

I have come to realize a lot of us learn many how to’s from YouTube.

I have friends who learned how to work on their cars by looking at youtube tutorials. I love spending my free time working on crafts and looking at tutorials for crafts. Not that I have much free time but even if my free time consists of 10 minutes I like to watch and learn something new.

YouTube has all kinds of how to videos one can make good use from.

I have seen tutorials for bows, hair, makeup, home improvement ideas, decoration, and even school projects and homeworks. The list is endless, there are so many more I cannot think of right now. My favorite of course is makeup.

I actually learned how to do my makeup watching tutorials. I learned the how to and what not to do for makeup as well from the videos. Little did I know these videos would later help me improve in a makeup for the stage class I took here at OCCC.

When I am stuck with a project and my classmates are busy having a life of their own, I look up information on YouTube and get all or at least most of the information that I need. Watching a video over an assignment actually helps me more than going to a classmate because I have a visual of what I need to know.

This helps me memorize the information better than studying or reading alone. There are a lot of helpful videos one can use to kill free time but yet get some good quality time and information out of. Whether you use that information today or in the future you will benefit from the video in some way, shape, or form.

Most videos are made by amateurs and others are actually made by professionals. However, amateur or professionals they are still filling our minutes with useful informations.

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