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Q: How do I get a grade substitution on my transcript?

A: “Go to Records (and Admissions), ask for a substitution form, fill it out and you should receive an email informing you if it will go through or not.”

—Alyson Stell
Academic Adviser

Q: Why do the Internet browsers open new windows instead of new tabs?

A: “If you right click on a link and select ‘open as a new tab,’ it will open as a new tab…by default, if it doesn’t want to replace the Web page, the normal operation is to create a new window. At the time [Internet Explorer] was developed, none of the browsers had tabs.”

—Johnathan Overholt
SQL Server Administrator

Q: [Is there] a mobile app that will allow me to navigate OCCC campus and use a pinpoint, much like Google maps? ?

A: An app has been in use for a little over a year that functions much like the Google app most are familiar with. You can find a link to the free OCCC mobile app, available for Android and iPhone, on OCCC home page. It can be used on any ‘I’ device.

—John Richardson
Online Marketing Coordinator

Q: [Will the college] get more outlets for … laptop[s] and other electronics?

A: If a student is associated with a division, they can ask the dean for the additional outlets. Each division has a dean that is responsible for that area. If they aren’t associated with a division they could go to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

—Chris Snow
Facilities Assistant Director

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