Workshop to prepare students for Health Profession programs

Students who are interested in entering the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program can learn what it takes to apply during the Destination Application workshop from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 24. in room HP 223, in the Health Professions building, said OTA Program Director Reeca Young.

“If they’re interested in the program, we provide some basic information … as well as answer any specific questions they have,” Young said. “It helps guide them through the application process.”

Additional preparation workshops later in the fall will focus on various programs, including Physical Therapy Assistant, Emergency Medical Sciences and Nursing, she said.

Young said students will benefit the most by attending a workshop as soon as possible so they can work toward building a competitive transcript. She said they may have 50 applications but only 18 spots available.

“Because these are application programs, it means everybody meets a basic eligibility but then, they are admitted based on preference points system,” Young said. “They want to be working toward developing a transcript that supports these preference points that they need.”

Young said Academic Adviser Claire Echols also will be at the workshop to review student transcripts.

Occupational Therapist Assistant Program admits 18 students in the fall and the spring, she said.

Young said this spring they are only offering Flex Track, a night class path to becoming an Occupational Therapy Assistant. It will take three years to complete the program versus two years of fall semester daytime classes.

“The classes will all be at night, so it’s really helpful for someone who needs to work a full-time job during the day,” she said.

Everyone in the program must do two 8-week segments of daytime clinical field work, which is accomplished at the very end of the program, Young said.

For more information, contact Young at or call 405-682-7506.

For a list of upcoming workshops, the Health Professions Division Office at 405-682-7507, or visit


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