Wii game unravels latest ‘Kirby’ hit

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From fire trucks and zippers to dolphins and stitches, “Kirby’s Epic Yarn” will have your head spinning with all the various destructive possibilities.

This recent release is the latest in the line of “Kirby” games, and takes a slightly different twist on the usual way that Kirby does things.

Instead of sucking up monsters and stealing their abilities, you wrap a yarn whip around enemies and blocks, then either unravel them, or spin them into a ball of yarn and buttons to use as a throwing weapon.

The other abilities you have grown to expect from the small pink ball of awesome have been replaced with other types of abilities.

Flying has been changed into turning into a parachute, and running changes you into a car.

The fact that Kirby can transform into various shapes has been emphasized with this game.

When you tear off a patch from the stage, you can find a small patch that transforms you into something.

I find the tank transformation the most amusing as you get to spam the crap out of yarn missiles.

This version of Kirby also contains elements of roleplaying games as well.

One of the non-playable characters asks you to go collect beads, which are the currency in patch land.

While this game provides a little challenge for seasoned players of the “Kirby” franchise, the fact that you cannot actually lose makes this game very friendly for new players.

It would be worth mentioning that this game has a two-player mode as well, which might go well with siblings or parents who like to play games with their children.

“Kirby’s Epic Yarn” is available for the Nintendo Wii gaming console and retails for $39.99 at your local video game retailer.

Rating: A

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