Who ya gonna call? OCCC campus cops

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It’s 3:30 in the afternoon. You’re all alone in the campus parking lot and have a flat tire. Who are you going to call for help?

Your night class is over. It’s pitch dark outside and you feel nervous about walking to your car alone. Who can assist you to your vehicle?

A creepy stranger keeps watching you while you work in the science lab, then follows you to your class and waits outside. Who are you going to call to handle the situation?

The campus police hope you will call them. They urge students to know their direct line, 405-682-7572, even to have it programmed into their cell phone for a quick response.

The OCCC police department is on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week to protect and serve the students and staff of OCCC, said RaeLynn Ortiz, sociology major and daytime dispatcher who has worked in the office for over a year.

“The office is never closed,” Ortiz said. “If someone calls in, they will speak directly to a person and not be transferred to a ringing phone.”

The department offers a variety of services that include assistance in unlocking a car, starting a car with a low battery, escorting individuals to or from the parking lots when requested, and assisting motorists having car troubles.

In addition, officers are standing by to ensure a safe environment on campus at all times.

Many students are unaware of how to contact the police in a time of need.

Energy Management major Seth Ford admits he wouldn’t know the best way to contact the campus police in an emergency.

“I would just call 911 and wait to be transferred to the police,” Ford said.

However, this method will lead you directly to the Oklahoma City Police Department who might not be able to assist you as quickly as campus officers.

Another option for reaching campus police would be the emergency phones and call boxes in parking lots and buildings.

There are two types of calling stations found in the numerous campus parking lots, according to OCCC Police Chief James Fitzpatrick. One is an emergency phone that will connect you directly to the police office dispatcher and the other is a radio phone.

“The radio phone connects with our radio system,” Fitzpatrick said. “Even though only the dispatcher is going to answer or respond to the caller, every officer can hear the conversation that’s taking place because it’s coming out over the radio.”

Inside the buildings, you may find one of numerous Dial-Direct Emergency call boxes that will link you to assistance quickly. Within the classroom, you can dial extension 7747 on the campus phones and the police dispatcher will answer with your location already known.

You may also press the “Emergency” button on any classroom phone to connect to the police. Lastly, OCCC police officers can be found patrolling the campus daily in order to maintain safety.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to flag down an officer.

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