“What Would You Do To Prepare For The Semester?”
Dennis Baumann – 20 years old – Journalism Major – Oklahoma City

“Make sure you have your books ready to go. And make sure you have at least a plan to pay for classes.”

– Dennis Baumann
Lakenya – 27 years old – Nursing Major – Tulsa, Oklahoma

“I would move to Oklahoma City and get prepared that way. Also, I would learn the Moodle system because I’m new to it.”

– Lakenya
Nathan Steward – 18 years old – Pre-education Major – Oklahoma City

“I’d make sure I have everything and I would look into the classes before I actually go into it. I’d check out my teachers and see what the reviews on them are.”

– Nathan Steward
Kayla Phinney – 25 years old – Occupational Therapy Major – Oklahoma City

“I would like to study for the syllabus and make sure I have everything completed.”

– Kayla Phinney
April Valdez – 18 years old – Journalism Major – Oklahoma City

“I’m gonna log into Moodle early to read my syllabi and any assignments that I have. I’m gonna prepare my schedule and set study breaks.”

– April Valdez