What Is Your Plan For Halloween?!?

Pioneer Pop-Up features five students’ stories weekly. For this week, let’s find out what our students are going to do on Halloween.

Uriel – 18 years old – Business Major – Yukon, OK

“I’m going to be with my friends and party. We will put on The Incredibles costumes.” – Uriel

Alyssa Stockton – 20 years old- Pre-Education Major – Moore, Oklahoma 

“I will work all day. For the costume, I’m going to wear a leather jacket, leather pants, crop top, but not too appropriate because I’m going to be at work.” – Alyssa Stockton

Dylan Fikes – 18 years old – Psychology Major – Moore, Oklahoma 

“I’m not doing anything during the day, but night time, we are going to Frontier City. I’m not putting any costumes on, but I would probably be Jack Sparrow.” – Dylan Fikes

Britton Summers – 20 years old – Journalism/Broadcasting Major- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

“Probably just going to stay home and hand out candies. I might go to my church and help out with the Halloween celebration.” – Britton Summers

From left to right:
Ruby Esparza – 18 years old – Engineering Major – Compton, CA
Karli Goforth – 20 years old- Nursing Major – Oklahoma City, OK
Madelyn Nelsen – 18 years old – Pre-Education Major – Moore, OK

“Just hand out candies! I will put on a reindeer costume.” – Madelyn Nelsen

“We have a twin reindeer costumes. Actually, not reindeer. It’s Wenzy costumes!” – Karli Goforth

“I’m planing a movie night at my house and I’m also going to hand out candies. Possibly put on a costume with my niece and nephew. I am going to do Adams Family with them.” – Ruby Esparza

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