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We asked OCCC community members what they wanted to say to the Ukrainians during the invasion of Ukraine.

Venkata Sai Similitude – 23 – Cyber Security Major – India

“They must be strong. If they are strong, no countries can defeat them.”

– Venkata Similitude
Madisson Willingham – 22 – Nursing Major – Norman, OK

“Keep up the good fight. We totally support you and hopefully Russia gets put in its place.”

– Madisson Willingham

Marlon De Almeida – 20 – Computer Science Major – Mozambique

“The war is unnecessary. It’s going to bring disadvantages and not only to Russia and Ukraine, but all over the world is going to be affected.”

– Marlon Almeida
Sahale Zaman – 24 – Accounting Major – Oklahoma City, OK

“I just hope that, whatever happens, it ends up peacefully and everybody stays safe.”

– Sahale Zaman

Erica Harbison – 29 – Psychology Major – Oklahoma City, OK

“Good luck on your journey and go ahead and beat Russia. It’s sad what they are doing to you.”

– Erica Harbison