“What are you looking forward to in 2022?”

What are you looking forward to in 2022?

Liam Fithian – 18 years old – OCCC Student

“I’m excited to go to OU.” – Liam Fithian

 Addi Lion – 21 years old – Film and Video Production Major

“I think with COVID settling down and everything getting back to normal, I’m excited to see a lot more city life and seeing Oklahoma be a lot more active again.” – Addi Lion

Sahale Zaman – 24 years old – Accounting Major

“To see where the direction of the college is heading. I know that with 2021, we’re still readjusting, we’re still trying to come back after everything in 2020, and I heard a lot of big plans for clubs and organizations on the program for 2022.” – Sahale Zaman

 Natasha Embry – Campus Store Employee

“I’m hoping that COVID gets better, that we can get back to normal.” – Natasha Embry

Devin Hamilton – OCCC Student

“Just living life. Another year that I’m out of high school and in college.” – Devin Hamilton