‘Wanderlust’ saved by Paul Rudd’s acting abilities

Paul Rudd and costar Jennifer Aniston play George and Linda, exhausted New Yorkers — Manhattanites to be more specific — in “Wanderlust,” released Feb. 24.

The couple can barely afford their tiny living quarters — a micro-loft recently purchased by the couple — even when George brings home a salary from his hated corporate job.

Linda is still looking for her career path, frequently trying different career options. Her more recent endeavor, a depressing documentary about penguins, fails to sell to HBO.

Then George loses the corporate job he hates and with a lack of career options, the couple can no longer afford Manhattan. The broke couple hits the road to Atlanta where George’s brother Rick (Ken Marino) resides. Rick is a successful businessman who will never let George live down asking for help.

On the way to Atlanta, George and Linda stumble upon a hippie compound called Elysium disguised as a bed and breakfast. Elysium embraces peace and free love, among other things hippies are known for.

The enchanting compound is calling to George when his brother decides to start with the lecturing.

Elysium is populated by folks from different walks of life including nudists and different levels of hippie.

Seth, played by Justin Theroux, is the apparent leader and seems to be the most full of crap. He commands that everyone follow the lifestyle at Elysium yet he is very quick to give it up. Although George is ready to try out Elysium, Linda is hesitant. Once a part of it, the alternative lifestyle of the compound begins to change the values George and Linda once cared so much about.

“Wanderlust” will leave viewers gasping for air in moments of complete insanity during some moments and with a grotesque look on their faces at others.

Rudd, a versatile actor, has moments in this role that not many actors could pull off. This is what makes the movie so funny.

Actually all the actors shine in this film. Playing the role of a crazy hippie can’t be as easy as it seems.

Rating: A-

—Emily Schorr

Staff Writer

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