Waitress creates dining failure

Cafe Antigua, a small Mexican restaurant located at 1903 N Classen Blvd. in Oklahoma City provided one of the worst restaurant experiences I’ve ever had. I will not be going back.

My boyfriend and I went around lunchtime with a couple of friends. I ordered the carne adobada and he ordered the tilapia.

Upon receiving our food, which was about 25 or 30 minutes later, our side dishes were completely different than what we had ordered.

Instead of receiving potatoes, I received rice and my boyfriend received pickled asparagus instead of sauteed.

Our server did not inform us until after we received our food that the menu had changed.

She did not apologize for not informing us, but offered to bring out a substitute with tomatoes for my boyfriend’s asparagus.

However, we were done eating by the time she came over to our table and asked if he still wanted the tomatoes.

When we told her we were unhappy about ordering a certain type of food and receiving something different, she did not apologize and made the excuse “Well, that usually doesn’t happen. It’s Labor Day.”

She then told us that she would “let them know,” whoever “they” are.

By that point, I was too fed up to go any further with it.

Along with that, she did not refill our drinks once. When she brought out our food, we had to sit and wait to eat for about five minutes or so because we did not have any silverware.

When asked if she would bring us silverware, she sarcastically said, “No, you have to eat with your hands.”

She said it in a joking manner but she was just being rude.

She seldom visited the table or asked if we needed anything. Overall, she wasn’t friendly or pleasant.

Both my boyfriend and I have worked in much bigger restaurants on much busier holidays and know there is no excuse to neglect diners. Plus, the restaurant wasn’t even full.

While the food was good — but not anything to get excited about — the service was absolutely awful.

If you expect good service, do not eat at Cafe Antigua.

Rating: F

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