Vending machine price increases explained

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A Snickers candy bar from campus vending machines has jumped to $1.25 this fall, compared to $1 last spring.

Many prices have gone up since last year, said Jeremy Wilhite, the manager at Imperial, the company that services the machines on campus.

“The management of Imperial vending approved the increases and they also were approved by the college,” Wilhite said, and added he didn’t know when previous increases went into effect.

“I am not aware of when the last price change was because that was when the vending machines were with Coca Cola.”

Prices for most food snacks seem to range from $1 to $1.50, based on the machines in the Arts and Humanities building.

Students on campus were split on the increase.

Mariah Rivera, fine arts major, said if it is beneficial to the college, she is OK with the price increase.

Another student voiced her disapproval. Nursing major Courtney Goff said the food in the vending machines was already overpriced before the increase.

She also said the machines should have a better selection of healthier snacks.

The price increase may not be apparent at first because the prices aren’t shown next to the product as they have been in the past.

To see a price, the user must press the letter/number combination of the product.

Wilhite said this change was made in the summer.

He said often, different product sizes are used and each has different pricing so the change makes it easier to set pricing for each one.

“They took the prices off individual items in the machines because it was easier to replace them on each row with the message ‘press selection for price.’”

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