Vaccines On OCCC Campus

By Britton Summers – Pioneer Reporter

With the rampant spread of COVID-19, the development of the vaccine for the virus has been met with open arms for many but with controversy and skepticism from others.

The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Tulsa recently noted they would mandate vaccines for staff and employees.

Oklahoma City Community College has not mandated vaccines.

OCCC bookstore employee, Natasha Embry, believes a vaccine mandate may be needed in order to end the pandemic.

“I feel they’re necessary,” said Embry. “This pandemic is unprecedented in modern times, so it makes sense to have a mass mandate to help the safety of all.”

Embry added that OCCC should follow the example of other schools’ mandates on vaccinations.

Some employees have been more apprehensive about President Biden’s mandate, despite their personal support of taking vaccines. 

Fellow bookstore employee Maggie Barnett noted that she is supportive of vaccines but added vaccine should be a choice not a mandate.

“I feel that getting the vaccine should be a choice of the individual just like all vaccines are,” Barnett said.  

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She elaborated that OCCC is taking the precautions needed and that she doesn’t think that it is necessary for the school to push vaccines onto individuals. 

Embry said that she is for the mandate and approves of employers with 100 workers or more requiring it. 

“I appreciate that OCCC has provided COVID vaccines for any employee that wanted one,” she said.

The OCCC employees interviewed felt the COVID vaccines are safe. 

Embry stated that she feels that the vaccines are safe, and that scientists were already working on cures for similar virus strains. 

“I am for vaccines and believe they’re essential to continuing civilization,” Embry said.