Uh oh. Here come the predictions

With the NBA season about to start, the great and overused tradition of prediction games begin.

With many big moves this off season there is a lot of excitement going around the country. My only problem with that excitement is that some let that excitement cloud their judgment.

Unfortunately in sports, people seem to believe you can throw five talented players together and just go out there and win from day one.

Yet, there is something to be said about a young group of players who over time began to build strong team chemistry together.

The Los Angeles Lakers are the talk of the town in the NBA because of their additions of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. Many critics believe the rest of the league will just lie down and hand them the David O’Brien trophy. I believe these particular experts are wrong.

The NBA is as strong as it has been in 20 years and there are major contenders to be accounted for. The Heat still have the best player on the planet and the OKC Thunder have gained another year of experience which is scary.

The last time there was a consensus pick to win the NBA Championship easily was the Miami Heat in 2011 when they acquired LeBron James and Chris Bosh. That season the Heat struggled with chemistry problems all year and it came to the forefront in the NBA Finals when they were defeated by a veteran and cohesive unit in the Dallas Mavericks.

Of course we all know talent is a huge factor in sports — especially basketball.

However, what makes sports such a unifying arena is the belief in a team concept and the underdog quality.

The Lakers have talent across the board and they should do well in the West.

All I’m saying is that the NBA is too great and too exciting of a sport to be seen as a one trick pony. The Lakers will be a huge contender in the West but for now and for many years to come the Western Conference Championship goes through OKC.

—Brandon Willis

Sports Writer

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