Two hit-and-run accidents reported in one week

Numerous accidents involving vehicles kept campus police busy during the fourth week in August.

On Aug. 19, student Dillon Juby reported he had returned to his truck and found a note stating it had been hit by a red Chevrolet pickup truck.

The note also gave the license plate number, and the name and telephone number of the person who had left it, according to a report filed by Officer Gordon Nelson.

Nelson got Juby’s insurance information and took photos of the damage to his vehicle.

Nelson said campus police reviewed surveillance camera footage of that area. It confirmed the hit-and-run and also showed the truck striking another vehicle as well.

Nelson used the parking decal number to notify the driver.

On Aug. 22, Harris responded to a call from adjunct faculty member Heather White who reported her vehicle had been struck in a hit-and-run.

According to a report filed, White’s Toyota Corolla had been hit sometime on Aug. 21 in parking lot D.

When White arrived at her car, she found the passenger side of the vehicle had damage on the front fender and front door.

Harris took photos of the damage but said he was unable to detect any transfer of paint from the car that hit White’s and no surveillance was available to be reviewed.

On Aug. 20, Officer Tim Harris saw student Roralleen McKillip standing by a maroon Pontiac Aztec with the hood of her car open in parking lot A.

McKillip told Harris when she had got out of her vehicle, she noticed smoke coming from under the hood. She opened the hood and discovered a small engine fire.

McKillip was able to extinguish the fire herself with a bottle of water she had been drinking.

Harris notified the Oklahoma City Fire Department who responded to ensure the fire was extinguished.

To contact campus police, call 405-682-1611, ext. 7747. For an emergency, use one of the call boxes located inside and outside on campus or call 405-682-7872.

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