Trip to Europe to teach students about culture

Through Oklahoma Study Abroad, students can travel through Central Europe and earn college credit at the same time.

For $2,600, plus tuition costs, students will get to see four different countries from July 15 to 30.

“This is my favorite trip,” said Christian Alyea, founder of Oklahoma Study Abroad. Alyea will lead the excursion along with a sponsoring professor.


Alyea said the goal of Oklahoma Study Abroad is to fully immerse students in the culture of the countries they are visiting by eating at local restaurants, traveling on local transportation and living in modest quarters.The trip will start in Prague, Czech Republic.

“In Prague we will take a tour that will guide us through the main squares, Jewish districts and cathedrals,” Alyea said. “Prague has one of the biggest Jewish districts in Europe.”

There also will be plenty of free time and optional activities. In these optional activities students can visit museums or even paddle on The Vltava which is the longest river in the Czech Republic.

From Prague, students will be taking a sleeper train to Krakow, Poland, arriving July 19.

In Krakow, travelers will see all of Poland’s rich history.

“You will also get the chance to see one of the darkest hours of mankind when you travel to see Auschwitz,” Alyea said.

“During World War II, Germans killed over three million people in this concentration camp.

“It is a life-changing experience. It will make you realize just what is important.”

Also while in Poland students will get to see the Tatra Mountains, the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains.

From the mountains students will take a midday bus to Poprad, Slovakia. Later they will take an afternoon bus to Budapest, Hungary.

Once in Budapest, students will see the Parliament buildings, palaces and all of the historical sites the city has to offer. They also can see the Danube River, which is the second-largest river on the European continent.

From Budapest the group will take a bus to Vienna, Austria. They will get to see the Schonbrunn Palace and the picturesque city. The group will spend two days in Vienna.

From Vienna students will travel back to Prague where they will spend the final day of the trip. This day is mostly for souvenir shopping and a goodbye dinner.

“On July 30 we will all make our way back to Oklahoma City,” Alyea said.

The first payment of $400 is due on Dec.14.For more information, contact Alyea at

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