Transplanted Okie proud

As someone who was not born in Oklahoma, I have been mostly neutral to the silly conceptions people have of the state and its people — the Okies.

People have asked my family, “Do you all drive in buggies with horses?”

Others like to think Okies are backwoods country hicks stuck in a John Wayne-esque Western.

Well, I would like to say after the recent tornados, on May 20 and 31, Okies have stepped up to the plate and have made me proud to live here.

Countless times I have heard of Okies opening their homes to tornado victims. Donating money and supplies. Helping with cleanup and searching for the injured. Rescuing animals and reuniting them with their families.

I hope when the world hears the term Okies from now on, they will think of compassion, strength, loyalty and community.

Okies are family.

A need is seen and many have risen to meet it. Even here on our campus more people volunteered for the donation drive than were needed.

It isn’t about money or recognition; it is all about helping our fellow man.

I may not have been born in Oklahoma but I am proud to live here and be an Okie.

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