Transferring with a degree preferable

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mortar boardStudents who plan on earning a diploma from OCCC have to apply to graduate, said Amanda Williams-Mize, Graduation Services assistant director.

“Once they have enrolled in their final semester, we encourage students to apply for graduation then,” Williams-Mize said. “That way, if there are courses that you might need, you have time to get enrolled.”

Williams-Mize said students should be aware of the benefits of an associate degree when continuing to a four-year university.

“Once you get a transcript from OCCC, and your degree is shown on the transcript, most colleges will take that degree as a package. Your general-education core classes get wiped away because you have an associate degree. Your transcript will show those core requirements are complete.

“The benefit of that is it saves you some time and money,” Williams-Mize said.

“Certain university programs even waive additional courses you might need,” Williams-Mize said.

“It just depends on what you’re going into. Some degree programs will even waive a foreign language — but not always. It depends on your specific major and the college you decide to go to.”

Williams-Mize said students don’t have to wait to check on their degree status. Any time students are curious about their standing, they are encouraged to visit Graduation Services on the first floor of the Main Building to get a degree check.

OCCC recently celebrated a historic year with a record number of graduates. In 2014, more than 2,000 students completed their degree or certificate, according to the 2015 graduation report given to college regents Nov.16.

Nursing major Michelle Rogers said she knows she has to apply for graduation but admits she’s not quite sure how to do it.

Williams-Mize said there are two ways of applying: online or in person.

To apply online, go to Students can submit the form online. Students also can stop by the Graduation Services office on the first floor of the Main Building and apply in person.

For more information, contact Williams-Mize at

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