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Transfer Fair offers students assistance

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In addition to a chance to continue their education, there will be door prizes and a variety of small free items available to students at the OCCC Transfer Fair, said Coordinator for Transfer and Academic Advising Linda Little.

Representatives from around 25 colleges and universities will be present at the event, to answer questions about everything from student housing to major courses, Little said.

She also said students attending the fair don’t have to bring anything but themselves and their questions.


“It’s always good to get an assessment or evaluation of your transcript, but they won’t have time to do that at the Transfer Fair, because they’ll be talking to too many students.

“It’s more an opportunity for [students] to ask questions and get information from the school,” she said.

“Then if [the student] wants to follow that up by making an appointment to visit the school, that would be a time to take a tour and bring their transcripts to be looked over.”

Little said the main advantage of the Transfer Fair is convenience.

“Rather than trying to go to each of these colleges and universities individually, there’s 25 in one go.

“And sometimes you talk to a school you didn’t know about or didn’t consider, and realize ‘hey, this might be a good fit for me.’”

And while students don’t have to bring anything, a list of questions might help to keep track of things, Little said.

“Ask about degree programs, specifically any degrees you’re interested in. If they have a program you’re interested in, ask about it’s reputation.

“Ask about the strengths and weaknesses of their school, ask about cost, tuition and scholarship opportunities. How does being a resident affect a student? Are they required to live on campus?”

Little said that if students want to have a list of questions, but aren’t sure they’re asking everything they need to, the Transfer Center keeps a list of general questions for students on their website.

There will be opportunities for students to sign up for tours of UCO and OU, Little said. There will also be interest forms for tours to USAO, OCU and OSU.

“We want to see how many students would be interested in visiting those schools. If we get enough interest, we’ll be more than happy to take a tour group,” Little said.

“And when I say enough, that’s not a big number. Students think I mean 50 when they hear me say enough. I’m talking about at least five. Enough to fill a van, and we’ll go.”

For more information about tour dates or the transfer fair, visit the Transfer Center in the Admissions Office, located in the Main Building.

For the list of questions, go to

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