Transfer Fair a success

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The only complaint history major James Nantze has about the OCCC Transfer Fair is that it doesn’t happen more often, he said. The fair, which was held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sept. 26 in the walkway outside the Comm Lab, is an event that happens once a semester in the Spring and Fall.

“It feels a bit limiting to only have four hours a semester for this kind of event,” Nantze said.

Aside from the time constraints, he said he felt the fair was very helpful. “I’ve gotten plenty of information I needed. I’ve got my graduation application, I’ve talked to several schools, some of which I hadn’t considered before,” Nantze said.

Nantze said he plans to graduate in the Spring semester and transfer next Fall. He said that while he would prefer to go to the University of Oklahoma, or Oklahoma City University, he’s still looking at colleges.

“I’m weighing my options based on tuition and financial aid,” he said.

While the fair seems to have drawn a decent amount of students, the full measure of it’s success won’t be clear until it’s over and all the feedback is in, said Transfer and Academic Advising Coordinator Linda Little.

“Most of the schools showed up, a couple didn’t make it. But a couple showed up that weren’t on my list, which is about how it usually works out,” she said.

And there’s already been some feedback on the fair from students, Little said.

“I had a couple students ask for OSU, because they didn’t make it this time. They’ll be here in the Spring, though. A few questions about transferring, and the process, and a few students just asking what’s going on.” Little said.

Pre-education major Rachel Manley said a better understanding of the transfer process is one of the things she gained from the fair, as well as giving her an idea of what she personally needs to do to transfer in the Spring.

“It helped me know what classes to take in the fall, and what to expect,” she said. Manley said she would recommend the fair to her fellow students.

“It’s really fun, and [the advisers] are really helpful and knowledgeable.” Little said that the other half of the fairs impact won’t be clear until after the various college’s turn in their evaluations of the fair.

“A lot of it will be about how many students they were able to talk to. That’s one of the problems we have with this event, is getting enough students to come out to it,” Little said.

For more information about transferring, visit or stop by the Transfer Center in Academic Advising.

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