Thousands enjoy Arts Festival Oklahoma

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Great weather and good attendance marked the 32nd annual Arts Festival Oklahoma, said Cordell Jordan, Media Relations coordinator.

The festival was held on the north side of campus on a newly-landscaped and upgraded area built specifically to accommodate the festival, said Facilities Management Director J.B. Messer.

Some people, like 20-year-festival-veteran Dale Hartman, rarely miss the event.

“I come every year,” Hartman said. “It’s a part of my annual calendar. The weather is so great this year.”

Other festival goers also touted the weather and the eclectic blend of art.

OCCC student Lindsey Magers said the good weather and art are what captivated her.

“This is my first year and I love the interesting paintings.”

The children’s tent also was very popular.

“We’ve been very busy this year at the children’s tent,” said children’s tent co-chair Jessica Hasseltine. She said certain activities always draw children.

Festival goer and mother Carolyn Darnell, said her two children, ages 4 and 6, loved the sand box.

“The face painting and sandbox were our favorite parts of the children’s tent,” Darnell said.

Artists at the festival reported the crowd was in a buying mood.

“This is my third year at AFO and my sales have been good,” said South Dakota artist Gary Rowley. “This is my only Oklahoma show.”

Rowley sells jewelry inspired by his native South Dakota.

Newcomer John Cox, an artist from Tulsa, said Saturday he was encouraged by his sales.

“This is my first year as a vendor,” Cox said.

“I’ve come once before as a shopper. Sales have been pretty good so far.”

Monica Fallini, an artist from Naples, Texas, said she was having great sales.

She said she is inspired by nature. “Nature is my muse, I love flowers,” she said.

The concession stands also expected to see strong sales.

“Lunch time will rock ‘n’ roll with this weather,” said Shelby McDonald of S&L Concessions. The stand sold southwest specialties like fajitas and quesadillas.

Jordan said in a press release that officials estimate this year’s festival to be one of the largest in terms of attendance.

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