Theatrical Dance fun for all students

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understanding danceTheatrical Dance class is being offered this semester for any student with a desire to get fit and have fun doing it, said Theatrical Dance instructor Elizabeth Hobi.

The class is a lot different from some of the other fitness classes offered, she said.

“People have the idea that they have to go to some fitness class to be a healthy person,” Hobi said. “You should do things that you enjoy that bump your metabolism, work your core, get your heart rate up. It doesn’t have to be where you go to a boot camp.”

Hobi said while the class does delve into different types of dancing, all of them are performance-based.

“Theatrical dancing is dance that is for the stage,” she said. “It’s not dancing in your living room or social dancing. It’s not therapeutic dance.

“We have everything from ballet to jazz to modern dance.”

Hobi said her class is currently preparing for its first show of the semester at 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 10, at the Bruce Owen Theater here at OCCC.

Admission is free.

“The show has contemporary jazz, lyrical ballet and broadway jazz,” she said.

“The show is mostly dancing to string music like guitars and violins. We named the show String Theories. We’re also bringing in music students to play the guitar.”

Hobi said she makes sure participating students are cast in roles that fit their experience levels.

“When I cast something, I know who can do what,” she said. “I have some people that are dancing pretty prominently and some people aren’t. It all works out. There are students [who] have been dancing for much of their lives, and they’ll be featured in the show.”

Hobi said that while having that prior dance experience helps in her class, anyone can join.

“There are people that have come in with no experience at all and have done fine and felt comfortable,” she said. “If someone comes in and has no training, they’ll be fine.”

Hobi said, to take part in the class, all students have to do is show up at the group fitness room on the first floor of the Main Building with appropriate workout attire, and take part in the class from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday.

“If students are looking for a class that can give them physically activity and personal expression, this is the perfect one,” she said. Fitness classes are free to students a valid ID.

For more information about any of the classes offered on campus at OCCC, contact Recreation and Fitness at 405-682-7860 or go to

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