The Worst of the Worst – Spencer Grant
Singler with a very, very rare slam

It’s a pretty dubious honor to be named the worst at something. You’ve probably been called “the worst” by your friends or significant other, or maybe you’ve joked that your favorite athlete is the worst because they missed a game winning play.

What would you do if you played on a team with someone who was legitimately the worst player in your entire sports league? What if that team was here, in Oklahoma City? I’m talking about the Thunder, and the player in question is Small Forward Kyle Singler.

Kyle Singler is horrible. He arrived in OKC last season, when the Thunder were struggling without Kevin Durant, and made several trades to make them at least somewhat competitive.

Let’s just start with this: Singler has the worst PER, or personal efficiency rating, of anyone in the entire active NBA. It’s sitting right around -0.21. A lot of things go into the personal efficiency rating, but basically what this boils down to is a player’s impact on the game.

Singler, for example, makes his team worse when he is on the floor, significantly more so because his rating is actually negative.

If you were playing the Cavaliers, for instance, and they subbed Lebron out (who I imagine has some godly kind of PER), the player who subs in for him would presumably have a lower one. This means the performance of the team would suffer, but not drastically. The second Singler hits the floor, the team will perform worse, regardless of who else is out there.

What I’m getting at is that his presence alone is worse than any PER differential between players simply because of the fact that his is actually negative.

The guy plays 11 or so minutes a night, and is averaging 3.7 points, 2.1 rebounds, and 0.7 assists. His shooting rates are abysmal; 23% overall, and 19% from the 3-point line. This is awful.

An article on SB Nation about him points out that despite his horrendous performance this season, his career averages are really much better, despite still being considered “average.”

7.7 points per game, 3.2 rebounds per game, and 48% shooting is leaps and bounds better than what he is putting up this year.

What really sucks even more than Singler’s performance is the fact that the Thunder signed this guy to a FIVE YEAR contract. That’s absurd.

There is a new TV deal that will affect the NBA in the years to come, giving teams more money to toss around, so you could almost argue that it’s not that much paying $25 million for Singler. All I can say is that he’s pulled of probably one of the biggest heists in NBA basketball in recent memory (notice I said one of, I’m looking at you Steve Nash).

Maybe one day soon Singler will return to his former mediocrity, but for now, we must wait, and wait, and wait…

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