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June 27, 2015 Review, Reviews Print Print

application stationIf you’re even the least bit Internet savvy, chances are you know what Reddit is.

Depending on your views and ideologies, this website is either a safe haven where you discuss your favorite things with like-minded people, or a hivemind mentality capable of accomplishing ridiculous things.

Regardless, one problem that a lot of people have is finding a dependable mobile app for all their Reddit needs.

They range from the incredibly cheap and limited versions to feature-filled paid versions.

Alien Blue is a paid Reddit app for iPhone that has more or less every feature you could imagine.

Alien Blue screenshotYou can do pretty much anything you could on the desktop version of the site with this mobile version.

Users can subscribe and unsubscribe from sub-Reddits, set different accounts, block and filter select content — and there’s even a night mode that turns the screen black and the text white to make it easier on your eyes at night when you’re in bed holding your cellular device mere inches from your mug.

Filtering out the unwanted content is what makes this app so valuable to me.

I’m able to more or less delete any zealous and annoying militant atheist posts, and posts about games I could really care less about (League of Legends, anyone?).

One thing that does occur from prolonged exposure to this app is that you’ll find yourself using it more than the desktop version of Reddit, and that’s OK.

Compared to other Reddit apps on the marketplace, this app is king.

It’s snappy, clean, I would even go so far as to say, elegant.

There is a free version of this app and a paid version that’s $1.99.

The free version offers all of your basic amenities as expected, but lacks a few features that the paid version provides.

If you’re scared of in-app purchases, have no fear; the $1.99 upgrade fee is the only one available within this app.

If you’re a heavy Reddit user like myself, there’s no excuses for not having this app if you own any sort of i-device.

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