The hero we deserve, not the one we need – Grant Swalwell

batmanThe Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan is about a watchful protector for a corrupt metropolis, one that needs such a hero but doesn’t deserve it. Now Donald Trump has risen to give America what it deserves, not what it needs. Whatever has happened over the past two generations of American politics cannot be eloquently described in a dumb blog post, but the effect of lowering participation rates in the public sphere and the rise of identity theft politics have made America a global laughing stock. We have a military that could handily sink the rest of the world’s navies, ground their air forces, and level their infrastructure, we use it to fire $90,000 missiles at farmers with $100 Ak-47s getting paid $200 a month, while bridges and water pipes in our own country are collapsing. In the wealthiest nation of all time, feeding hungry children is a matter of serious debate. Fiscal conservatives want more bombs, progressive liberals want segregation. We lie in the grave we’ve dug. This train does not stop, vote Trump.

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