The Boxcar Pours Delicious Coffee

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On the rural back roads of Moore, mornings erupt to prepare for the day. In the center of Eastern ave, cars fill the parking lot.

Local business, The Boxcar of Moore has a variety of choices for drinks and meals. From organic matcha lattes, to lavender white mochas, the restaurant has an eclectic menu to choose from.

The business not only sells coffee but it also has original sandwiches that you don’t typically find or would think to pair together.

My first visit I tried the hamlet — thick Bacon, apricot spread, sharp white cheddar, and a balsamic glaze, on wheat berry.

Me being hesitant on any type of fruit spread I debated it, but it was something new to try.

My reaction: delicious.

I also made an attempt to try their hummus. It was rich and full of flavor, sided with fluffy pieces of pita bread.

Each meal is priced reasonably that everyone can enjoy while also filling you up not feeling like you could still eat another meal.

The Boxcar is always full with customers but not overwhelmingly claustrophobic. Inside lies a hipster-esque vibe with friendly faces behind the counter to greet you. Comfortable couches center the room, as bars face the window like a scene from New York.

Retro tables and bright chairs are placed at the corners of the room, as fresh coffee beans scent the air. Near a square corner, sit two large chairs, just a like a study you would have at home, with a vintage lamp and a shelf full of class books.

A very spacious spot for friends, families, and even students to pick a corner to study. It’s cozy, and comfortable for a rainy day of homework.

At the front of the line is a hung-up chalk board menu, and behind the cashier you can see stacks of board games, and vintage coffee cups that any family can enjoy.

Behind the counter is a walk up to-go window for the individuals who have a quick work day ahead of them, giving the employees and the customer quick access to grab and go.

The Boxcar is a place that gives a homey feel and makes you want to stick around for the day. The employees don’t just talk to you out of choice, they want to get to know you.

Each person makes you feel welcome and wants you to actually come back to see them and catch up on how you’ve been.

Excellent customer service is natural for them, it’s a quality that not every coffee shop/café provides. In some instances, places like Panera Bread, have a snooty vibe when you walk in, and not a chance to make an impression and be remembered.

The Boxcar takes care of you. They want to make sure you enjoyed your experience. If you run out of space for your books and plates, they go out of their way to bring a table to you so you can spread out. They go the extra mile that a corporate business ignores in some cases.

For a local business, they want you to be a part of the family they started.

That’s why the Boxcar is a rare find you don’t want to miss.

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