Body art discrimination should stop

It’s a question hot in debate: should body piercings be allowed in places of work and how much is too much? Many places of employment are becoming stricter when it comes to this matter. Some limit the number of piercings an employee can have while others simply ban them completely.

Places which serve food may consider piercings as a health hazard while others may limit just for show. My question is, are we violating a person’s freedom of expression by placing these restrictions? While I understand health measures and maintaining a sense of professionalism, I still think it is unfair employees should have to compromise when it comes to this issue. Even though an employer may make an employee take a piercing out, nine times out of ten it is still apparent that person has a piercing, due to the mark it leaves.


As long as an employee does not go overboard and is not displaying anything offensive, why should they not be able to display their jewelry? If the purpose for banning the jewelry is because of distractions, I want to know who it is exactly this jewelry is distracting. I have never heard of anyone going into make a deposit at a bank and deciding not to use their services because they were offended by their teller’s piercing. I think it is sad some people are turned away from job opportunities simply because they have chosen to express themselves via body art.

My stand is if indeed you decide to ban the wearing of body jewelry, make sure this is acknowledged in the initial interview of the possible employee and don’t discriminate based on the fact they have some. Get to know the person and see if they are a good match for your business before you send them walking out the door.

Disclaimer: The opinions and views expressed in this blog are the opinions of Erin Peden and do not reflect the opinions or views of any other Pioneer employees.

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