Summer youth sports continue

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Kristaffer, 9, jumps cones as part of a fitness obstacle course on June 14 in the OCCC gym. Soccer was the emphasis for the youth camp for the week.

Coach Alli Cummnings is not easy to intimidate—even when surrounded by two dozen pre-teen soccer players. She was one of the leaders whenthe OCCC Recreation and Fitness Center recently hosted their soccer camp as one of the many youth sports camps offered this summer.

Students from the ages of 6 to 12 enjoyed the week-long camp held at the soccer fields on campus.

The campers were playing various small-sided games as Alli Cummings, one of the coaches, looked on and gave instruction.

Cummings said there were 22 kids in her 6-to-9 age group, and another 15 in the 10-to-12 age group.

“It’s hard getting them to keep their hands to themselves. Other than that, it’s a good group of kids,” Cummings said about the challenges of coaching 22 children at a time.

Respect and sportsmanship are two important aspects taught at the camp.

One of the players fell and hurt herself during a drill and both teams stopped to make sure she was all right, then clapped for her when she got up to keep playing.

Cummings works for the Recreation and Fitness Center and has never played soccer, but doesn’t let it slow her down from being heavily involved in the soccer camp.

The campers enjoyed a beautiful sunny morning, playing on the green soccer fields along Faculty Circle.

The campers were busy enjoying the games and each other’s company, laughing and encouraging each other along during the drills.

One of the campers, Braxton, 7, normally plays on his recreational soccer team the Wildcats. Braxton said his favorite part of camp was “learning from the coaches.”

Braxton said he has been playing soccer for three or four years and prefers playing defense over offense.

Another camper, Brooklyn, 7, said her favorite part of camp was the opportunity to “get to learn.”

Brooklyn proudly wears pink soccer cleats and is a member of the Jaguars recreational team.

She said she didn’t know how long she has been playing soccer, but she loves playing defense.

Most of the day’s activities included small-sided, two-on-two games and scrimmages.

The Recreation and Fitness Center is hosting youth summer camps throughout the summer, each highlighting a different sport.

Future sports include baseball, golf, swimming and volleyball for a cost of $35-55, according to the Recreation and Fitness Center website. Many of the campers are participating in multiple sports camps.

For more information about upcoming camps, visit the Recreation and Fitness Center’s website at or call 405-682-7860.

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