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Summer fashion includes a palette of colors

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It’s warm out, but summer trends are cooler than ever. With the sun as our greatest spotlight, this time of year is all about challenging the rules of fashion.

Mixing and matching bold, daring colors and patterns is what’s in this season.

Colorblock is the new black. Combinations of turquoise, hot pink, lemon yellow, neon orange and green, and other vibrant shades of colors make for a fun and edgy look on any type of apparel and accessory.

Whether on dresses, shorts or shoes, there’s no longer a limit on the brightness or number of colors wearable.

Playful colors are now especially fashionable on pants. Bright and pastel skinny jeans are a must. Often spiced up with the also-in-style blazer, these pieces are bound to add a hint of sunshine to dark closets everywhere. Jean and blazer favorites include hot red, green, neon pink, soft lavender, royal blue and aqua.

Also colorful are the patterns currently in vogue. Floral and leopard prints, for example, are top hits. Blending all sorts of colors such as soft pastels, these prints are most common in pants. Stripes, cheetah and zebra patterns are in demand, too. Paired with a simple top such as a cardigan, this look screams summer.

Another popular piece nowadays is the maxi dress. Long, cute and elegant feminine dresses can be seen flowing all around. Whether a formal or casual occasion, the dress is always both flattering and comfortable. Compliments are pretty much guaranteed when accompanied with the famous navy, white and a popping color such as red, sailor look.

Accessories are practically mandatory with all outfits this season. A mild look transforms almost instantly with the touch of a necklace, bracelets or earrings. Today, chic statement jewelry is its own trend. Whether chunky and gold, multi-colored and gemstone or delicate and pearly, accessories are a great way to add a glamorous kick to appearances.

From all the beauty products and styles out there, there are two crowd-pleasing ones that stand out extra this summer. dip dye hair, a way of highlighting the bottom tips of hair with bright hair colors, and poppy lip color, vivid lip shades such as hot red, electric tangerine and coral, get people noticed and feeling fancy.

As for shoes, nearly anything goes these days. Heels are more commonly seen as wedges and in pastel colors such as beige. Boots are still spotted occasionally. However, it’s flats like sandals that are really taking the runaway. Low and high top sneakers are especially popular.

The single most important article of clothing anyone and everyone has to own this season is an essential — an Oklahoma City Thunder T-shirt. White, dark blue and bright orange are the colors that have become a uniform for this proud state. Though simple, it’s the biggest trend in wardrobe yet.

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