Students to vote on eco-friendly resolution

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A proposal to bring environmentally friendly “to go” containers to OCCC’s cafeteria will be voted on by The Leadership Council at the meeting at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, March 10, in College Union Room 1.

TLC is made up of student representatives from each student club plus several at-large members.

The resolution was authored by Lawrence Cagle with Phi Beta Kappa honor society, Kenneth Meador with College Democrats, and Jorge Krzyzaniak with Advocates of Peace.

TLC members accepted the resolution Feb. 24, in their second meeting of the semester where they had a full agenda and a full meeting room with more than 60 percent of campus clubs being represented.


They set the initiative in place with a vision of a more environmentally friendly cafeteria that they hope will be a trendsetter for campuses across the state.

At a meeting earlier in the semester, TLC heard a report that using biodegradable containers could raise costs by 10 percent for food items prepared in the cafeteria and served in those containers.

In the meantime, some TLC members said they want to do what they can now to reduce the amount of Styrofoam the college sends to landfills.

“There’s something we can do right now,” Meador said. “Ask for a plate if you’re dining in.”

Chris Camacho, Engineering Club vice president, said he believes the real change will take place when customers ask for a plate. As consumers, most people don’t think about asking for an alternative, Camacho said. Instead they accept whatever is provided.

Erin Logan, TLC sponsor, said the vote March 10 will put the issue to rest, as least for the time being.

“We have been discussing this proposal in The Leadership Council meetings over several months and I have the cost analysis reports in my office for you to review,” she said. “Today we are simply asking you to take the proposal back to your club and discuss it.

“It will be the vote only,” Logan said. “There will be a motion to approve, then one member, and one member only, from each club will be able to cast their vote.”

Even if the resolution passes, it would not be the final step to having biodegradable takeaway boxes in the food service area, Meador said.

Before becoming final, the measure would have to be approved by college President Paul Sechrist, the president’s cabinet and perhaps others in the college administration.

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