Students should take time to vote

It’s important for students to be aware of voting deadlines and to participate in elections, said OCCC President Paul Sechrist.

Sechrist said it’s important for students to be involved politically — both nationally and on a state level.

“I encourage everyone to get involved at some level in the upcoming elections,” he said.

“Students should know who the candidates are, what they stand for, what their priorities are, and most importantly, let your voice be heard by voting.”

Sechrist said he has noticed a change in students’ attitudes about politics caused by the recent presidential elections.

“It has been inspiring to see that young people have been energized by the recent elections,” he said.

“Government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people requires that we the people get involved.

“The most basic way for all of you to be involved and impact the future is to vote.”

History professor Melinda Barr agrees.

“If you want to have some control over your life, you need to vote.”

She said students can help determine tuition rates and interest fees by voting for someone who will lower those fees.

“That is why it is important for students to … register to vote and actually vote,” she said.

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