Students in organization flirt with fantasy

The college’s newest club, the Gamer Guild, is for people who like to play any type of game, including board games, video games and any other sort of game.

The Gamer Guild’s mission statement is a very simple: “To promote gathering together to play and discuss video, board, card, pen-and-paper games in an open environment.”

“Anyone can join the Gamer Guild,” says Karlen Grayson, Student Clubs and Organizations assistant.

What makes the Gamer Guild unique is that, at some point in their life, everyone has played some sort of game. Whether it be a board game that you played when you were a kid, a video game that you play daily with your friends, or a simple crossword game that you play by yourself when you have your morning cup of coffee.

“The Gamer Guild is also the only recreational organization on campus,” said Mathew Caldwell, president and guild master of the Gamer Guild. “As far as I’m concerned, this is the only club where students can go to just have fun and not have to worry about community service hours or a membership fee.”

Joining the Gamer Guild is very simple, as it is for any club on the campus, by simply going to the Student Life site on There you can join any campus club and get e-mail updates about the group and see what upcoming events the club will be having.

Caldwell said the club will be investing in Chinese games such as mahjong.

“One of our goals is to bring cultural awareness to the club as well as have a fun time where you learn to play games you never have.”

This club is perfect for a little competition in gaming, or just a club that you want to play your favorite games with someone other than family or friends.Ti

“Everyone in the world plays games,” Caldwell said. “Our goal is to bring people those games, games they may never have played, or games they play all the time.”

Grayson said about 10 percent of students are involved in some sort of club on campus.

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