Students have hopes for band

Courtesy of Scissor/Pioneer
Norman rock band Scissor members left to right: Jacob Reynolds, Jon Smith, Tommy Grotts and Eric Welch recently won The Wire student radio’s Battle of the Bands at the University of Oklahoma. Reynolds and Welch are OCCC students.

Norman rock band Scissor has but one goal, “Keep good music alive.”

For more than three years, singer Eric Welch and drummer Jacob Reynolds have been doing just that.

The two OCCC students, along with bandmates Tommy Grotts and Jon Smith, have already seen success in their quest for music’s immortality, winning The Wire student radio’s Battle of the Bands Nov. 12 at the University of Oklahoma.

Scissor’s definition of success, however, differs from the majority.


“I feel like 90 percent of the music out there today is focused on the money aspect of the business,” Reynolds said.

“We’re just trying to create good music that we think people will enjoy. Honestly, we’re just having fun.”

The band’s music-first approach doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate business.

With three songs already recorded and scheduled studio time in its future, Scissor plans to produce a full-length album when time and money permit.

Although the band is classified as rock ‘n’ roll, Scissor members consider their band as somewhat of a hybrid, with influences ranging from Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix to Blink 182 and Nirvana.

“The funny thing is, we all have different influences,” Welch said.

“Jon and Jacob are more greatly influenced by ’90s rock; whereas, my influences are spontaneous and all over the place.”

While Scissor has been playing together for more than three years, the band’s recent success has them looking to the future more than ever before.

“I’d like to be touring the country and release an album,” Welch said of his band’s career.

“That would be the ideal situation.”

Reynolds added to his singer’s aspirations, saying, “We’re not widely known yet so we’re just trying to get our music out there at this point.”

While that may be true, Scissor has already made believers out of their growing fan base.

Sara Weaver said she first saw Scissor play in March and has been a fan ever since.

“I really liked the song ‘Octopus,’” Weaver said of her first impression of Scissor. “It’s really upbeat and the drummer goes crazy on the drums.”

While the band continues to grow, Scissor remains grounded, putting the music first.

“I just hope people like our music enough to keep supporting us,” Reynolds said about the growth of his band.

“I just want to have fun with it while I can.”

That may not seem to be asking much, but as for Scissor’s fans, they see the potential.

“They have the potential to go as far as they want,” Weaver said of the band’s talent.

“Their music is really good and could take them many places.”

Scissor can be heard at, with an album forthcoming.


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