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The college’s Mind Games team will face off against Redlands Community College on Tuesday, Feb. 14, at Redlands in OCCC’s first participation since the National Academic Quiz Tournament on Jan. 21.

Mind Games is an academic contest that pits colleges statewide against one another in a battle of wits.

The game on Tuesday will be a shot at redemption for the OCCC team, who lost in the final rounds to Redlands in the tournament. The OCCC team consists of Alina Lorant, Matthew Leveredge, Richard Lee, Neil White and Mike Wormley.

The winner will be moving on to the next round, said History Professor Jeff Carlisle, who coaches the college’s Mind Games team.

The team that loses will not get another attempt until next semester.

Mind Games can be seen on KSBI television on Wednesday nights, according to KSBI’s website. A game consists of two halves, each lasting 10 minutes. Each side will get an opportunity to answer each question, according to KSBI.

Three contestants from each side will be competing, while having two backups. Backups come in when one team member may be struggling or at the coach’s choice, Carlisle said.

Questions will consist of collegiate knowledge. Most of the questions will come from topics such as science, history, literature, and current events. There will also be a bonus OG&E energy question at halftime.

In preparation for the competition, the OCCC team participated in the academic quiz tournament at Redlands, placing second out of four colleges.

Tulsa Community College and Connors State also competed in the tournament.

The Feb. 14 matchup will be aired on KSBI television at 8 p.m. Feb. 29.

Regardless of the outcome, the coach already is looking to the future.

“We will be having tryouts for next year’s team, and a backup team, in a few weeks,” Carlisle said.

He said he will be adding an additional five players to serve as backups in case of late substitution, and to have the two teams practice against one another.

To try out students must be enrolled in six credit hours. Students who participate will get a $500 tuition waiver, Carlisle said.

The tryout schedule for next semester will be announced in a few weeks, he said. He will be getting word out through other professors and fliers.

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