Students can still apply for spring graduation

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The application deadline for graduation traditionally taking place during the third week of classes has officially passed. However, Director of Graduation Services Barbara Gowdy said the deadline was more of a strong suggestion, and students still have that opportunity.

“If students ask, we accept applications until the last day of the semester, Gowdy said. “We’re not going to prevent anybody from graduating.”

She said the suggested deadline was more of a precaution and an upper hand to certain advantages, such as guaranteeing getting your name in the program.

“We’re conscious that not everyone is right away aware of the fact that they have to apply in order to graduate,” Gowdy said.

“So, we’re pretty lenient.”

The commencement ceremony is to take place on the evening of Friday, May 11, at the Cox Convention Center and will not only be celebrating students completing their degrees during the spring semester.

There is only one commencement ceremony a year and that usually includes students completing their degrees either right before or right afterwards.

“People graduating last summer, this fall, this spring, and anyone who’s taking up to their last two classes this upcoming summer can participate in the commencement ceremony,” Gowdy said.

Students would still have to wait until they meet their requirements to attain their degree, however.

Essentially, applications are a must for everyone, Gowdy concluded.

For more information, contact Records and Graduation Services at 405-682-7512.

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