Students can renew library books online

When it comes time to renew a library book at OCCC, students have several options, including renewing online at the Keith Leftwich Memorial Library homepage.

Systems Librarian Dana Tuley-Williams said the biggest benefit for students who use the online renewal system is they don’t have to come in to the library or call.

Physics major Heather Showecker agrees. “I think that is fantastic,” she said. “That’s easy, especially if you don’t live really close to campus and you don’t want to make the trip back to renew them here, you can do it pretty much anywhere.”

Showecker said she will likely use the online renewal system now that she knows about it.

Nursing major Jessica Green also thinks the online renewal is great. She said she plans to use it in the future.

Tuley-Williams said there are two instances in which students would not be allowed to renew material. Those are if the item is on hold for another student or if the student has reached the maximum number of renewals for the item, which is two.

To access the online renewal system, Tuley-Williams said, go to the library homepage at Under the option Find Book, Etc., click the Renew Your Library Books Online link. Then, choose the Renew My Materials link.

Students will then have to log in using their college ID number and PIN, she said.

That brings up a screen a showing all of the current books checked out on that account.

Students have the option to renew all or select the items they wish to be renewed separately, Tuley-Williams said.

After the second renewal expires, students will need to return any books checked out. Students who don’t return books will face consequences, she said.

“We are unique in that we do not have overdue fines here,” Tuley-Williams said.

“Students who don’t renew their books or bring them back will receive three notices via [their] student email account,” she said. “If [they] do not respond, we will put a hold on [that student’s] account in Admissions and Records.

“That means you cannot enroll, you cannot drop a class which is always a big problem, and you cannot get a transcript.”

If a book is lost, the student is expected to pay for the book or face the same consequences.

“Fifty dollars per item, per book,” Tuley-Williams said.

She said students also can renew library books by phone at 405-682-7564.

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