Students can handle school and much more

During psychology class, which I took during the January intersession, I realized how busy college students are, yet how determined they can be.

My classmates and I sat during a four hour class Monday through Friday in the same classroom for two weeks.

We were given assignments, homework, and presentations. All during a two week course. It was like an entire semester in two weeks. No lie, it really was. It was stressful but our professor never lost faith in us.

She would let us know that we would all pass, all we had to do was try and just do the assignments. Never before had I had a professor like her before. She was hard on us and expected us to do great.

I mean this, but she would push us.

I have never seen so many students in one class try so hard to pass. It was unbelievable. There were times when I thought I would drop the class because it felt like too much, but I didn’t. Instead I stuck to it and so did my classmates.

As I learned things about my classmates, I found out how busy they were. I could not come to find myself understanding how these students always had their assignments finished on time and still managed to accomplish their responsibilities at home or work.

Here is why: one of my classmates had five children and still managed to go to class with enthusiasm and determined to pass the course. Another would work full time during the night and would go to class right after she got out.

Class started at 8 in morning and she was there on time, they were all there. This makes me wonder how many students are walking around the campus right this moment wondering how they are going to get through a class or even the semester due to all their responsibilities and duties?

We walk right past each other every morning not acknowledging the fact that we are not alone. The person walking next to us probably has not had a good night’s sleep due to studying, work or home duties.

Balancing school, work and a home can be really hard and difficult but it can be done. It took an intersession class for me to realize this. All students passed except for one.

With determination and strength all students can challenge their worries and accomplish their goals.

A semester does not have to be difficult for a student, he or she just needs to stay focused on their dreams and take life day by day.

I know it is easier to say things than to do things but just stick to the situation and be determined to finish.

I had not analyzed this situation until just yesterday, while struggling with other issues. I as well, work, work, and go to school. I have surprised myself as too how much I can actually handle if I dedicate myself to what I am doing.

My respects go out to every student who can handle work, school, and other responsibilities and still be determined to accomplish whatever is next on their list.

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