Students can buy meals in advance

For students who don’t want to carry cash on them every day or who worry that if they use their debit or credit card too much they will overdraft their account, Carson’s prepaid food card is a perfect option.

The card is basically a debit card and a gift card together, said Corrine Aguilar, Carson’s food services general manger.

The card also is great to give as a gift to someone who attends OCCC, she said.

There are no fees and no overdrafting, Aguilar said. Users put how much money they want on it and it never expires.

“Parents and grandparents buy them all the time for students to use,” Aguilar said.

Carson’s prepaid card can be used to make any food or beverage purchase at the school cafeteria, she said.

The card is only good in the OCCC cafeteria but those who love coffee can purchase a separate card to use at the OCCC Coffee Shop.

All the same great features apply, Aguilar said.

Carson’s prepaid cards are sold by the food service cashiers, Aguilar said.

Additional money can be put on the same card as needed.

Aguilar said the cards never expire.

For more information about the prepaid meal card, call 405-682-0304.


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